Classy Picture Frame

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This trendy product is a classic photo frame with a bendable Pyrex glass surface to give a fine reflective finish on your wall. This highly durable product starts from 15,960 Naira for the basic 8x10 inch Frame. This item takes approximately 7 days to deliver to your doorstep. Shipping is free and is via DHL express.

Classic Photoframe with bendable , durable Pyrex glass surface

Classic Picture Frame

Classic Picture Frame

To Proceed

Simply send us your Images.You can send us your picture frame image on our website by clicking this link . You should get your product between 5 to 14 days after payment via DHL any in Nigeria ( or around the world) .

Available Sizes

*We offer a discount when you buy this product along with a Photobook. There are no hidden costs. All prices include delivery via DHL to your doorstep.

Dimensions Price *Discount Price
8x10 NGN 24,000 NGN 15,960
11x14 NGN 28,000 NGN 19,760
12x12 NGN 28,000 NGN 19,760
10x24 NGN 32,000 NGN 25,460
16x16 NGN 32,000 NGN 25,460
16x20 NGN 36,000 NGN 29,260
20x30 NGN 44,000 NGN 38,760
24x36 NGN 52,000 NGN 50,160

PhotoNaija Accepts payments via Interswitch ,Major Bank Cards and Direct Bank Deposit :

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