DIMENSIONSSheets/ PagesSynthetic Soft Cover (NGR)Synthetic Hard Cover (NGR)Synthetic Leather (NGR)Soft Cover Ruby (NGR)Basic Ruby (NGR)Basic Ruby + Basic Italian Leather (NGR)Basic Ruby + Upgrade Italian Leather (NGR)Acrylic Glass (NGR)Metallic Cover(NGR)
6x6 ( Opens to 6x12)10 sheets(20 PAGES)22,00023,50032,00033,500
6x8 / 8x6 ( Opens to 6x16 / 8x12)10 sheets(20 PAGES)23,50025,00033,50033,500
8X8 ( Opens to 8x16)10 sheets(20 PAGES)25,00026,50035,00038,00037,00048,400
8x11 ( Opens to 8x22)10 sheets(20 PAGES)29,50031,00041,00047,00046,00061,600
10x10 ( Opens to 10x20)10 sheets(20 PAGES)29,50031,00041,00047,00046,00061,600
12X12 ( Opens to 12x24)10 sheets(20 PAGES)34,00037,00050,00056,00058,00080,800
11x14 / 14x11 ( Opens to 11x28 and 14x22)10 sheets(20 PAGES)37,00040,00053,00059,00061,00088,000
12x16/ 11x16( Opens to 12x32 and 16x24)10 sheets(20 PAGES)61,00088,000
6x6 ( Opens to 6x12)15 sheets(30 PAGES)11,50020,50027,50024,30025,80034,30035,800
6x8 / 8x6 ( Opens to 6x16 / 8x12)15 sheets(30 PAGES)12,70022,00026,00026,50028,00036,50038,000
8X8 ( Opens to 8x16)15 sheets(30 PAGES)13,00023,50030,50029,50031,00039,50042,50045,40048,400
8x11 ( Opens to 8x22)15 sheets(30 PAGES)14,50025,00033,50035,50037,00047,00053,00058,60061,600
10x10 ( Opens to 10x20)15 sheets(30 PAGES)16,40026,50035,00035,50037,00047,00053,00058,60061,600
12X12 ( Opens to 12x24)15 sheets(30 PAGES)31,00041,00043,00046,00059,00065,00074,80080,800
11x14 / 14x11 ( Opens to 11x28 and 14x22)15 sheets(30 PAGES)34,00044,00047,50050,50063,50069,50082,00088,000
12x16/ 11x16( Opens to 12x32 and 16x24)15 sheets(30 PAGES)82,00088,000
6x6 ( Opens to 6x12)20 sheets(40 PAGES)13,40022,00029,00026,50028,00036,50038,000
6x8 / 8x6 ( Opens to 6x16 / 8x12)20 sheets(40 PAGES)14,90023,80027,80029,50031,00039,50041,000
8X8 ( Opens to 8x16)20 sheets(40 PAGES)16,80026,50033,50034,00035,50044,00047,00051,40054,400
8x11 ( Opens to 8x22)20 sheets(40 PAGES)22,00028,30036,80041,50043,00053,00059,00067,60070,600
10x10 ( Opens to 10x20)20 sheets(40 PAGES)22,00031,00039,50041,50043,00053,00059,00067,60070,600
12X12 ( Opens to 12x24)20 sheets(40 PAGES)35,80045,80052,00055,00068,00074,00086,80092,800
11x14 / 14x11 ( Opens to 11x28 and 14x22)20 sheets(40 PAGES)39,40049,40058,00061,00074,00080,00097,000103,000
12x16/ 11x16( Opens to 12x32 and 16x24)20 sheets(40 PAGES)97,00088,000
6x6 ( Opens to 6x12)25 sheets(50 PAGES)15,30023,50030,50028,80030,30038,80040,300
6x8 / 8x6 ( Opens to 6x16 / 8x12)25 sheets(50 PAGES)17,20025,60029,60032,50034,00042,50044,000
8X8 ( Opens to 8x16)25 sheets(50 PAGES)20,50029,50036,50038,50040,00048,50051,50057,40060,400
8x11 ( Opens to 8x22)25 sheets(50 PAGES)27,70031,60040,10047,50049,00059,00065,00076,60079,600
10x10 ( Opens to 10x20)25 sheets(50 PAGES)27,70035,50044,00047,50049,00059,00065,00076,60079,600
12X12 ( Opens to 12x24)25 sheets(50 PAGES)40,60050,60061,00064,00077,00083,00098,800104,800
11x14 / 14x11 ( Opens to 11x28 and 14x22)25 sheets(50 PAGES)44,80054,80068,50071,50084,50090,500112,000118,000
12x16/ 11x16( Opens to 12x32 and 16x24)25 sheets(50 PAGES)112,00088,000
6x6 ( Opens to 6x12)30 sheets(60 PAGES)17,20025,00032,00031,00032,50041,00042,500
6x8 / 8x6 ( Opens to 6x16 / 8x12)30 sheets(60 PAGES)19,40027,40031,40035,50037,00045,50047,000
8X8 ( Opens to 8x16)30 sheets(60 PAGES)24,30032,50039,50043,00044,50053,00056,00063,40066,400
8x11 ( Opens to 8x22)30 sheets(60 PAGES)33,30034,90043,40053,50055,00065,00071,00085,60088,600
10x10 ( Opens to 10x20)30 sheets(60 PAGES)33,30040,00048,50053,50055,00065,00071,00085,60088,600
12X12 ( Opens to 12x24)30 sheets(60 PAGES)45,40055,40070,00073,00086,00092,000110,800116,800
11x14 / 14x11 ( Opens to 11x28 and 14x22)30 sheets(60 PAGES)50,20060,20079,00082,00095,000101,000127,000133,000
12x16/ 11x16( Opens to 12x32 and 16x24)30 sheets(60 PAGES)127,00088,000
6x6 ( Opens to 6x12)35 sheets(70 PAGES)19,00026,50033,50033,30034,80043,30044,800
6x8 / 8x6 ( Opens to 6x16 / 8x12)35 sheets(70 PAGES)21,70029,20033,20038,50040,00048,50050,000
8X8 ( Opens to 8x16)35 sheets(70 PAGES)28,00035,50042,50047,50049,00057,50060,50069,40072,400
8x11 ( Opens to 8x22)35 sheets(70 PAGES)38,90038,20046,70059,50061,00071,00077,00094,60097,600
10x10 ( Opens to 10x20)35 sheets(70 PAGES)38,90044,50053,00059,50061,00071,00077,00094,60097,600
12X12 ( Opens to 12x24)35 sheets(70 PAGES)50,20060,20079,00082,00095,000101,000122,800128,800
11x14 / 14x11 ( Opens to 11x28 and 14x22)35 sheets(70 PAGES)55,60065,60089,50092,500105,500111,500142,000148,000
12x16/ 11x16( Opens to 12x32 and 16x24)35 sheets(70 PAGES)142,00088,000
6x6 ( Opens to 6x12)40 sheets(80 PAGES)20,90028,00035,00035,50037,00045,50047,000
6x8 / 8x6 ( Opens to 6x16 / 8x12)40 sheets(80 PAGES)23,90031,00035,00041,50043,00051,50053,000
8X8 ( Opens to 8x16)40 sheets(80 PAGES)31,80038,50045,50052,00053,50062,00065,00075,400
8x11 ( Opens to 8x22)40 sheets(80 PAGES)44,50041,50050,00065,50067,00077,00083,000103,600
10x10 ( Opens to 10x20)40 sheets(80 PAGES)44,50049,00057,50065,50067,00077,00083,000103,600
12X12 ( Opens to 12x24)40 sheets(80 PAGES)55,00065,00088,00091,000104,000110,000134,800
11x14 / 14x11 ( Opens to 11x28 and 14x22)40 sheets(80 PAGES)61,00071,000100,000103,000116,000122,000157,000
12x16/ 11x16( Opens to 12x32 and 16x24)40 sheets(80 PAGES)
6x6 ( Opens to 6x12)45 sheets(90 PAGES)22,80029,50036,50037,80039,30047,80049,300
6x8 / 8x6 ( Opens to 6x16 / 8x12)45 sheets(90 PAGES)26,20032,80036,80044,50046,00054,50056,000
8X8 ( Opens to 8x16)45 sheets(90 PAGES)35,50041,50048,50056,50058,00066,50069,50081,400
8x11 ( Opens to 8x22)45 sheets(90 PAGES)50,20044,80053,30071,50073,00083,00089,000112,600
10x10 ( Opens to 10x20)45 sheets(90 PAGES)50,20053,50062,00071,50073,00083,00089,000112,600
12X12 ( Opens to 12x24)45 sheets(90 PAGES)59,80069,80097,000100,000113,000119,000146,800
11x14 / 14x11 ( Opens to 11x28 and 14x22)45 sheets(90 PAGES)66,40076,400110,500113,500126,500132,500172,000
12x16/ 11x16( Opens to 12x32 and 16x24)45 sheets(90 PAGES)172,000
6x6 ( Opens to 6x12)50 sheets(100 PAGES)24,70031,00038,00040,00041,50050,00051,500
6x8 / 8x6 ( Opens to 6x16 / 8x12)50 sheets(100 PAGES)28,40034,60038,60047,50049,00057,50059,000
8X8 ( Opens to 8x16)50 sheets(100 PAGES)39,30044,50051,50061,00062,50071,00074,00087,400
8x11 ( Opens to 8x22)50 sheets(100 PAGES)55,80048,10056,60077,50079,00089,00095,000121,600
10x10 ( Opens to 10x20)50 sheets(100 PAGES)55,80058,00066,50077,50079,00089,00095,000121,600
12X12 ( Opens to 12x24)50 sheets(100 PAGES)64,60074,600106,000109,000122,000128,000158,800
11x14 / 14x11 ( Opens to 11x28 and 14x22)50 sheets(100 PAGES)71,80081,800121,000124,000137,000143,000187,000
12x16/ 11x16( Opens to 12x32 and 16x24)50 sheets(100 PAGES)